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Financial Technology For Advisors And Firms

What does Orion do for me?


Provides tools for customizing financial plans for each individual client

Allows advisors to run customized reports, standard reports, or create their own reports entirely.
Performance Viewing
Calculates performance and various risk metrics at the household, registration, or account level
Portfolio Auditing
Is used for client aggregation and information

Getting Started With Orion Planning

Orion is pleased to share access to our Financial Planning and Wellness Tool, provided through Orion Planning (formerly Advizr). Just like exercising and eating nutritious foods are good habits for your physical health, having a positive relationship with money is good for your peace of mind and well-being.

Next Generation Client Experience

It’s no secret that consumers expectations are shifting. They not only want what they want, when they want it– but they also want to connect and collaborate even more with their service providers.

Operationalize Your

We’ve helped financial professionals operationalize their visions and achieve their growth goals for over 20 years.

In that time, we’ve learned that the most successful firms on our platform have a few needs in common. We’ve evolved our technology and service model to best accommodate each of them.

Need Help?

Please reach out. The Asteria Wealth team is ready to serve you and your clients.

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