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Our Story

Meet our CEO and CIO,  Daniel Wildermuth

The Asteria Wealth portfolios started out from my time years ago as an independent financial advisor working with my clients to develop strategies that best suited them. Over time, as my practice grew to become a Registered Investment Adviser, those strategies became available to individual advisors for their clients.

Because of this history, we have different strategies that have track records that are approaching 20 years, and other strategies that have a 5 to 10 year history. Weathering the financial meltdown of 2008 and navigating through several market cycles have been a key part of our process in managing portfolios with the goal of maximizing risk-adjusted performance.

We look forward to showing you all of our offerings and services and creating a partnership to build lasting value for your clients.

The Stock Selection Process

We employ a concept we refer to as “Economic Margin” to identify value-creating firms

We have a systematic and pragmatic process in how we choose our individual securities. One key piece we look at is economic margin, which is effectively how much profit is being generated by the capital that is invested in the company. We make several adjustments in terms of how we calculate the actual capital that is employed, including how R&D is treated and other items from the traditional GAAP accounting standard. This allows us to have both a strict buy process and a specific, disciplined sell process as well, so that combination is what really makes the process effective for us.

The Liquid Endowment Model

Lower portfolio volatility with liquid, non-correlated assets

The Endowment Model Philosophy originated with David Swensen at Yale University in 1985. It’s simply an inclusion of assets other than traditional stocks and bonds such as private equity, real estate, and absolute return. These asset classes tend to not have a high correlation with traditional stock markets.

This endowment strategy is used in one of our products called the Liquid Endowment Model. It is different than the traditional endowment strategy because it does have more liquidity, but it offers exposure to different asset classes and hopefully a lower level of volatility. The Liquid Endowment Model allows individual advisors to offer, in a very easily accessible liquid format, a strategy that provides clients exposure to asset classes outside of stocks and bonds.

  • Diversify performance assets

  • Daily liquidity

  • Easy to use SMA format

What our Advisors think about Asteria Wealth

“Asteria Wealth couples the best of smart money management with white glove service. Engage today and you’ll be glad you did.”

George Terlizzi, SouthPark Capital

“If you are looking for personalized wealth management from a first class organization Asteria Wealth is your best choice.”

Tom Rauchegger, Cramer & Rauchegger, Inc

“Asteria Wealth provides large firm capabilities with small firm atmosphere, attention, and responsiveness.”

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